The Canadian Institute for Public Engagement is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to building and improving best practices in public engagement. Located in Ottawa, with representation across Canada, and international connections, the Institute reports to an experienced Board of Directors and receives input from a dedicated and knowledgeable Advisory Committee. The Institute is building its membership base and will be seeking input from members along the way.

Working with government, industry, and non-governmental sectors, the Institute helps to build collaborative and inclusive approaches to making decisions that affect people – in organizations and communities across the nation.

We believe in people talking together and bringing forward many perspectives, in order to make “better” decisions - decisions that are informed, considered and sustainable.

The Institute’s mission is to build public engagement capacity in Canada, through advocacy, awareness, knowledge and skill building, as well as by providing truly neutral spaces within which meaningful dialogues can take place.

The Institute fulfills its mandate through:

  •    Advocacy and institute-led public engagements
  •    Action research and Publications and awareness
  •    Training and events

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